BY: Gregg Purcell

Theme Verse -- "the one who practices sin is of the devil; for the devil has sinned from the beginning. The son of God came for this purpose, that he might destroy the works of the devil." (1 Jn 3:8)

- This seems to be an issue that some Christians see very clearly, and others understand not at all. Don't be deceived, this part of our conduct and life is just as important as any other, and sins stemming from where we go and what we do are entirely destructive to us as Christians. What we will do throughout this lesson is examine the consequences of modern dancing and the nightclubs and bars that one goes to so that they can practice modern dancing. Let's see what God says!!!!

1. Dancing and Lasciviousness -- They are connected!

- Dancing, be it fast or slow, will likely lead to feelings of lasciviousness, either yours, your partner's, or another person watching.

- Examine the following Scriptures and write how Christians are to react toward lasciviousness/sensuality:

- Eph 4:17-24 --

- Who had led a life pursuing sensuality -- use v17?

- What were the Ephesians told to do concerning that type of life (v20-24)?

- 2 Pet 2:1-2 --

- From where does the following of sensuality begin?

- If we follow in sensuality, what are we doing to the example of Christ's church?

- Lasciviousness is the Greek word aselgia, and means an absence of restraint; indecency; wantonness.

- If we allow ourselves to continue in lasciviousness, the only next step is fornication.

- Read 1 Cor 6:18-20 -- How are we to react to fornication, and, therefore, the things that lead to it?

- Some might say, though, that dancing does not lead to passion, lasciviousness, or bad judgment!

- Read Matt 14:6-11 --

- Why had Herod made the vow that it "grieved" him to keep?

- Has anything changed concerning lustfulness between then and now?

We are not to be lascivious people -- we are to be godly people!! This means we must forsake lascivious things!!!

2. Stumbling blocks in this lifestyle

- If we live the nightclub lifestyle of lasciviousness and cavorting, we create stumbling blocks for both ourselves and others.

- Read the following passage concerning how passionate feelings can be a stumbling block for us:

- Prov 7:6-27 -- Characterize the woman in this passage as the Scriptures do (v9-11):

- How does lasciviousness bring temptation to this man: (v13,16-18,21)

- How can he avoid this temptation (v25)?

- Where would we go today to find a similar woman?

- Read the following passages concerning how we can become a stumbling block for others in this lifestyle

- Matt 5:27-28 --

- Matt 18:6-7 --

- As Herod was aroused passionately by Salome's dancing, so can others who are watching you dance provocatively!

- What do these verses indicate are waiting for you if you become that stumbling block for another?

- So the Scriptures indicate that we should be careful not to stumble. Why go to a place that is made of sin?

3. Day Life vs. Night life

- The fact these clubs are call "night"clubs should tell us something about the practices found therein.

- Read the following verses and write how Christians should live their lives:

- Rom 13:12-14 -- Are we making provisions against sin when we go to a place of sin?

- 1 Thess 5:4-9 --

- The nightclub life is dominated by two lusts -- the lascivious lust and the lust for drinking.

- Refresh yourself with these passages studied earlier -- Prov 23:29-35. Prov 20:1, Eph 5:18, etc.

- This word, "night" is used to define both 1)the period of darkness, and 2)a sinner's alienation from God.

- Why would Christians, no longer alienated from God, go back to a place of sin that alienates them again?

We need to be stronger than this, brethren, and more honest with God! There is no good excuse to frequent places where sin is overwhelmingly dominant, and especially such dangerous and heart-hardening lusts as lasciviousness and alcohol!!!

4. Recognizing this tree by its Fruits

- In Matt 7:17-20, Jesus tells his followers that they will know the tree by the fruits it produces.

- Consider these cases and Scriptures:

1. John, a lifelong Christian, after attending bars with his friends for 15 years, finally succumbs to temptation. He

has a few drinks, takes a woman to a hotel, and wakes up to a life literally wrecked by his sin, as his wife has found out!

- Read 1 Cor 15:33 -- Any idea why this might have happened to John, who once was strong?

2. Bill, a new Christian, is spotted by friends at a bar dancing with a woman known to be immoral. At church, Bill is

absent for a month. When the elders finally find him, he has moved in with this woman, living in sin.

- Read 1 Thess 4:3-7 -- Which purpose (v7) was Bill living according to? How could his situation have been stopped?

3. Christine, a babe in Christ, is escorted to a bar that her friend, Tami, also a Christian, frequents. While Tami only goes "for the music," Christine decides to go back on her own with other friends, believing there is nothing

wrong with the nightclub lifestyle. A year later, Christine is an alcoholic and has fallen away from the faith.

- Read Heb 12:12-13 -- What had Tami done to help cause Christine this spiritual problem?

- What does the phrase "that which is lame-- KJ" or "the limb which is lame -- NAS" refer to?

- Does Tami, then, share any guilt with Christine?

These aren't "extreme examples!" These are events which could occur at any time, because of the danger of these lusts!

5. "But I'm Strong Enough to go and not fall into sin!"

- 2 questions for anyone who has this opinion. 1)How do you know? 2)Does that make it righteousness?

- God has given us standards -- we don't make them or change them based on our strengths -- We simply live by God's!!!

- Read James 1:14-15 -- All it takes is one temptation for a Christian to fall into sin and death!

- Read 1 Pet 4:11 -- If you are strong, use your strength as God intended, for godly things!!!

Let God's word ring clear! Dens of iniquity are to be avoided by his people!! This includes anyplace that promotes lasciviousness or drunkenness!!!!!!!!