If there is ever a problem, I assure you I will do all in my power to make you happy.I want you to have a very pleasant shopping experience.My reputation means everything to me.Check my thousands of positive feedbacks on eBay.I, also, want to encourage you to write a short note about your experience(s) with Beckís Bossons so that others can benefit from your experience.To see what others have written go here.I generally give you the choice of a generous credit for future purchases, or a cash partial refund, or, if you prefer, you may return the piece(s) for a full refund.Please be just as fair with me as I am with you.Surely any problem can be worked out between two honorable people.†† The only Negative Feedbacks that I received on eBay were people who demanded they keep the piece and receive a full refund.One person wanted a refund that exceeded what he paid for the item.When I tried to reason with them, they proved to be unreasonable.

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