I.       What you always wanted to know about sex but were too

          spiritual to ask


          A.      I Corinthians 6:12-20


          B.      Reason for these lessons


                   1.       children ask questions


                             a.       Sometimes just...."why?"


                             b.       be glad for every opportunity to talk to

                                      your children about sex


                   2.       All of us have questions


                             a.       married people... "What can my husband & I do

                                      in sexual fulfillment & what is taboo?"


                             b.       Singles... "How far can I go on a date & not

                                      displease God?"


                   3.       We are bombarded with all types of information

                             on abnormal or perverted sex


                   4.       We are bombarded with TV & Movies on how "normal”

                             it is for single people to have sexual relations

                    normal it is for married people

                             to commit adultery


                   5.       Our children are educated on sex from other

                             children; immoral teachers; or bathroom walls

          C.      The Bible teaches us about our sexuality


                   1.       Satan didn't give us sex


                   2.       Satan didn't invent sex


                   3.       Hugh Hefner didn't invent sex


                   4.       God gave us our sexuality


          D.      My planned lessons


                   1.       Thought of the title, "Things God wants you to

                             know about human sexuality"


                             a.       too stiff....heard a tape entitled:


                             b.       "What you always wanted to know about sex

                                      but were too spiritual to ask"


                   2.       Tonight’s lesson - "Immorality" (sex outside the

                             bounds of marriage)


          E.      About our context..-! Cor. 6:12-20


                   1.       In this chapter-3 times Paul says:


                             "Don't you know"... (repeat)


                   2.       idea he is telling us sins God wants us to know



                   3.       six times he refers to sex, prostitutes, or

                             sexual intercourse


                   4.       eight times in nine verses he talks about the

                             body. .."the body"... "The body"..."the body"


                   5.       put it all together...."Things God wants you to

                             know about your body & sex"

          F.      Verses 12-13....arguments they were making for

                   engaging in immorality


                   (i.e. popular sayings in Corinth)


                   1.       "All things are lawful for me" (in quotes in NIV)


                   2.       "Food is for the stomach and the stomach is for



          G.      beginning in vs. 15 - 3 reasons for not committing



                   V15...."Don't you know" (mentally underline)

                   V15...."Don't you know" ...second reason

                   V19...."Don't you know" ....third reason




          H.      Read the passage


          I.       History...


                    1.       City of Corinth a "Playboy" society


                    2.       Worshipped the goddess Epaphrodites a. temple in midst                                       

                             of the city dedicated to her


                             a.       temple in midst of the city dedicated to her


                             b.       1,000 temple prostitutes walked the streets of                                               



                             c.       A very basic & intragal part of worship of                                                    

                                      Epaphrodites involved immorality


                             d..      Christians converted from worship of Epaphrodites

                                       brought into the church this same philosophy of

                                       sexual misconduct.....& tried to justify it


                    3.       This is the problem Paul was addressing there


                    4.       Not unlike the same problem of today


                             a.       with the advent of the "birth control pill" that                                                

                                      makes sexual contact relatively safe


                             b.       with the advent of the automobile, with hotels &                                           



                             c.       with the advent of the airplane making anyone safe                              

                                      & secure & anonymous in a matter of minutes or                                          



                             d.       With the computer and pornography and chat                                               



                             e.       with sex so widely discussed as being normal                                               

                                      between any two people who desire to share in it


                   5.       I don't doubt that I am talking to some of you who have                               

                             made a regular part of your dating practice; sexual                                        

                             immorality of some kind....perhaps you are now                                           

                             married....or single


                             Or some married person who has had one or more affairs


                   6.       The questions we raise is what does God's word say                                    

                             about this


          J.       The Victorians sought to have love without falling in sex


                   The modern person seeks to have sex, without falling into love

          K.      The Corinthians tried to justify their behavior with these two                         



                   1.       Verse 12 - "All things are possible for me"

                             (First argument)


                             a.       God's grace does cover all types of sin...all sin


                             b.       Paul had to address this problem in Rom. 6

                                      1)  Look at Rom. 5:20-21

                                      2)  Rom 6:1-2


                             c.       they twisted Paul's teaching that we are not

                                      justified by Law; but by grace....not by eat

                                      certain foods & restrictions .... but by grace


                   2.       They didn't realize that "freedom" was not freedom to                                  

                             do as you please.....but the power to do as you ought

                             to do


                             Freedom comes within the context of boundaries


                             V12 he mentions the first/ "Not all things are Profitable"                               

                             ....or beneficial


                             A tree may want to be free from the soil – wind comes -

                             - uproots tree - tree dies              


                             A child wants to be free from fenced in yard


                   3.       Second argument - V. 13


                             a.       God made stomach; right?                 

                             b.       God made food; right?             

                             c.       God gave me hunger; right?      

                             d.       God gave food to satisfy hunger; right?


                   4.       Same arguments today


                             a.       God made my body; right?      

                             b.       We are animals with sexual appetite; right?      

                             c.       We don’t get mad at other animals......why not us?


                   5.       PAUL'S ANSWER -


                             a.       God did not make body for immorality

                             b.       we are NOT ANIMALS

                             c.       We are made for the LORD

                             d.       we are the dwelling place of God's Spirit

                   6.       V. 20 - "GLORIFY GOD IN SEX" Context is sex


                             a.       Adam & Eve - "be fruitful & Multiply" then said,

                                      "THAT IS VERY GOOD" - (Before fall)


                             b.       Prov. 5 - "man is to be exhilerated by his wife”


                                      1) By their sexual


                             c.       Deut. 24:5, when a young man gets married he is                                           

                                      to have a year off to enjoy his new bride & bring

                                      happiness to her


                             d.       Song of Solomon - erotic


                                      1) has to do with married love









                   7.       Man says, "Man is for sex" ~ Not "Sex is for man"


                             a.       if sex abused - come up empty


                             b.       if used properly - fulfilled


                             c.       our bodies will be raised up - glorify God


                   8.       CONCLUSION: V. 12 - You might have liberty; but a

                             liberty has boundaries


                             v. 13 - God gave us sex as a gift to be used in its proper                              


          L.      Rest of chapter -  3 reasons why NOT to engage in immorality


                   1.       DO YOU NOT KNOW (all three) - V15; V16; V19


                   2.       Go to V19 first.....


                             a.       We were bought with a price


                             b.       You are a slave to sin - or to Christ

                                      (Your body belongs to Him)


                                      1) If I borrowed you coat


                                      2) came to services - used as a doormat


                                      3) How would you feel?


                                      4) That's the point - your body does not belong to                                        



                             c.       We are the temple of the Holy Spirit


                                      1) Would you think of committing fornication in

                                       the church building


                                      2) You might say "in the Sanctuary???"


GOD                              3) Bible never refers to the building as a sanctuary


                                      4) Your body is the TEMPLE OF THE HOLY                                             



                                      5) Commit fornication in the very place where

                                                God dwells

                   3.       Next go to V15.......                                        


                             a.       struggle to understand


                             b.       We are each members of Christ’s body


                                      1) 1 Cor. 12:14———

                                      2) Church & body

                                      3) each members – purpose


                                      example of when one member is hurt

                                                example of when one doesn't work right

                                                (dentist & novacaine - act it out.....words)

                                                          a) Try to talk

                                                          b) Try to smile

                                                          c) try to drink coffee (dribble on shirt)


                             c.       part of your body has become paralized


                             d.       You have taken away part of the use & function


                             e.       YOU are a part of the Body of Christ


                                      1) you take away and paralize

                                      2) you have weakened it

                                      3) you have taken away that part as a Christian                                              


                             f.       ALSO, Like inviting Christ to join you in halotry

                                       1) Would you invite Christ? - BLASPHEMY!

                                       2) That's what you're doing (READ VERSE)


                             g.        recap - first reason is that we no longer own our                                          

                                      bodies; they are rented (at best)


                                      the second reason is that our bodies are members

                                      of the body of Christ




                   4.       the third reason is that it affects a person forever


                             a.       Read vl6


                                      1) more takes place than a biological function

                                      2) spiritual union -

                                                          a) Bible uses term "knowing" one another


Text Box: “In the sexual act, we know what it means to be a man or a woman.  And we also help the other to discover what it means to be a man or a woman. We KNOW for the first time, in a clear way, the meaning of our sexuality. We know ourselves and our mates in a way we have never known another person before. In this act of utter self giving, we know ourselves as whole and fulfilled in a unique way."                                                         








                                                          b) WILLIAM HAMILTON


                                                          c) cannot as single; only in marriage


                                                          d) Cannot completely give; only hurried                                                       


                                      3)       Parable of girl went to college

                                                Tempted – seeing so many others -

                                                wrote home to father - "sometimes wonder                                                  

                                                what I’m waiting for"                                            

His reply:  "I can answer you in six words – ‘you are waiting to be free’

            Free from the nagging voice of conscience

            Free from the gray shadow of guilt

            Free to give all of yourself (not a panicky fraction)


  Something deep inside you knows what great influence over the

  rest of your life that first sexual union with another person can be. 


  That same instinct tells you not to blurr it; not to waste it; not to make it      

          cheap and small."

                                      4)       C. S. Lewis –


'"Every time a man and woman enter into a sexual relationship, a

  spiritual bond is formed between them which must be eternally

 ENJOYED or ENDURED."                                    

                             b.       Go back to vl6


                             c.       Far more than biological linking of bodies


                             d.       That's why Matthew 19:9


                             e.       Change takes place - story of girl who's friends

                                      keep needling her to “turn loose".....


         "I can always become what you are, you can never become what I am"


                   5.       Now go to V. 17-18


                             a.       What it means to "flee immorality"


                             b.       Joseph & Potipher's wife


                             c.       When tempted - FLEE

          M.     Close:


                   1.       If you have already violated


                             a.       No words of comfort; can't undo


                             b.       God forgives - accept that forgiveness


                             c.       must face consequences of your actions


                   2.       If you have not given in


                             a.       I want to encourage you


                             b.       Tell my children; "you only cross that line once,

                                      you can never go back to pure innosense"


                             c.       What you bring into a marriage........


                             d.       After married...... can never go back & undo any

                                      adultery .....never unadulterated again


                                      1)  can be forgiven; mate & Christ