FREE Bible Study Offers:

A five lesson in-home video study of an Overview of the entire Bible.

This study takes you through the Old Testament and the New Testament showing
their relationship to one another. It also shows the history of how there was
only one church in the first century and how there became the modern day
division into thousands of denominations.

An in-home Bible Study right from the Bible.

Our desire is to simply teach what the Bible says with no denominational influences.
We will let the Bible, itself, answer your Bible questions.
There will be absolutely no pressure,
nor will we ask for any donations.


We will be happy to mail you the first lesson. When you send it back for grading
we will return your graded lesson with the next lesson in the course.

If you desire any of the above lessons....
or a ride to our worship services,
please contact

Here is a FREE Internet Bible Study Course you can begin right now.

Jordan Park Bible Study Series:

A 16 lesson Online Bible Study Series offered in a choice of four versions (KJV, NKJV, NASB, NIV) by Jordan Park church of Christ, Huntsville, AL.